Cutaway view of CompacTorque® actuator

COMPACT TORQUE® actuators, featuring rack and pinion design, are available in 11 sizes to complement torque requirements of small and moderate-sized Conbraco valves. Both spring return and double acting versions are available. Spring return torque ratings at 80 PSI are from 50 to 10,500 lb-in.
COMPACT TORQUE® actuators and Apollo® ball valves Double acting torque ratings at 80 PSI range from 58 lb-in. to 25,000 lb-in. CompacTorque actuators feature ISO 5211 interface dimensions and NAMUR solenoid and accessory interface dimensions. Conbraco also supplies pre-engineered stainless steel valve/actuator mounting kits for all valves equipped for automation.
BVA SERIES: Pneumatic cylinder type actuators; mechanical crank arm. Double acting torque output: 120 to 7,500 inch pounds. Spring return torque output: 75 to 1380 lb-in.